Carissa Does work 9-5.

In my thirties daily routine, sometimes I feel like a desk. I post up in one spot for the majority of the day, allowing stress and tasks to stack up on me while I am expected to just hold it all up. No-one stops by to dust or organize, I'm not even sure if anyone even thinks about the fact I'm there. Like a desk though, if missing or moved, a large space finally gets noticed.
Anyhow, I have a cool story about a desk. Last year, I got a desk off FB Marketplace from a closed office building on Music Row. Believe it was 1011 16th Ave. I chose the desk because “it looked like it had character.” I am a bit weird, I know. While loading the desk in the box truck, the journalist within me couldn’t help but ask for some details of the desk’s past. The story has it, this desk was an editing bay and may have been used to edit a few shows I was part of years ago, Pinks All Out and PassTime! Small world. I lived in Missouri at the time while the shows I traveled to work on were being edited in the very location I would eventually live in; on a desk, I would eventually own. I hadn’t even planned to move yet. I even heard some well-known entertainers who hold an influence on my life and decisions I’ve made, had stopped by to do some edits at the desk (Garth Brooks?). Everything and everyone has a story. What goes around does seem to come around. Do you believe there is magic or atmospheric karma in this world? Is it simply a random selection? Is it God?
This is one odd but eye-opening example is hope to me. Our lives are laid out piece by piece. So many jaw-dropping little things have happened like this in my life. I for one, believe! I believe in it all! As I edit videos and churn away on the daily grind of to-do’s; I wonder if I was meant to be at this very desk, at this very moment, doing this very thing? This desk, usually a material item is gone unnoticed, was supposed to be a part of my story. Keep your eyes open and watch for signs in life. For me, the desk is a reminder to have hope and I wanted to share the story to encourage people to open up their minds to the unknown.


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