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My Mind Finds: Brain Awareness Week (Avoiding Dementia)

Brain Awareness Week: I became more aware of the brain, diseases that attack it, what food can hurt it, and what fuels it over a decade ago when my mother was diagnosed with what seemed to be a form of dementia. She was only in her fifties… There are so many questions, fears, and moments you simply can’t prepare for or understand when it comes to dementia. TO ease my anxiety I started researching the brain more and today I will share with you some of the changes I made and supplements I added into my own life in an attempt to actively fuel my brain and avoid a fate such as my mothers if I do have any sort of control over it…  Understanding well that I simply may not. I am proud to be a child of God. Dementia is often genetic and cases can’t be healed but some studies are showing ways to slow, avoid or reverse it.  So, for starters, I cleaned up my diet some. I have, fortunately, never been much a fan of soda, beer, or fast foods. But I am no health wizard. I studied the “Mind Diet,” wh

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