Carissa Does know "It's Alright."

I don't always feel like things are going to be, "Alright." I admit when someone is down I tell them, "It's gonna be alright," the wise phrase of hope passed down from generation to generation. Somedays it is hard to believe my own advice. Whether I'm feeling like a failure, rejected by the business world, broke as a joke, angry over things I don't understand, hopeless, anxious or depressed; there is a great go to song called, "It's Alright." My parents had Huey Lewis and the News record cut of this tune in our basement. Yup, I used to Spin it as a kid. On a record player. For those who don't know what those are I will attach a photo or you can click the link :) 
My point of this message is that it always has turned out to be alright. Don't give up hope. Just keep on keepin' on. It's Alright. 
I actually own this Crosley record player currently 


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