Carissa Does Make Risky Changes

Need a change? Not sure why? Happy but feel misplaced? Curious to know if there is something more meant for you? These are the thoughts keeping me from sleeping at night. I've never slept well considering my jobs, or college life, caused me to function at all sorts of odd hours. Now, as my mom is being moved into an assisted living & I am realizing I will lose her just like I lost my dad... life has never felt so short. I cry a lot in my loft apartment on the historic Court Street in downtown Fulton... all I can think about is where I am supposed to go now? My gut answer= Nashville. My gut feeling= nervous & sick. My brain reaction= Why? My dreamer reaction= Why Not? My heart reaction= guilt for leaving family. My Soul reaction= DO IT Whewwwwwwww Whoooooooo!
My decision was made. I'm leaving my awesome job as a morning news anchor and going to Nashville. I am anxious to find out if the visions which distract me could be trying to tell me something. Somewhat farfetched visions of me signed onto a music label (branded as a motorsports singer chick), signed as a host on my mom's favorite channel (CMT), or maybe meet a fate I can't even imagine. We shall see! #Drive #Driven #DoIT #WhyNot #GodMadeMe #TripleThreat #Motivated #Brave #Purpose #FindIT #YOLO


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