Carissa Does take interest in the Cellphone Industry

As I sit in my Absolute Wireless office chair as Director of Marketing for this cellphone company in TN, GA, and AL; I can't recall much about my life before the cellphone.
I remember having to wait my turn when wanting to use the house phone with 2 sisters and a father who was on call for the hospital 24-7. I remember getting wrapped in the cord and having to stand patiently after each call with my arm outstretched while the phone dangled and untwisted closer and closer to the ground. I also remember my father picking up in the middle of my conversation and demanding I hang up.

I don't remember being scared to be outside riding my bike alone with no phone in arms reach or bored in my car while at a stoplight. 

We have become so reliant on our phones it's insane; almost sad. However, I am guilty of phone obession and grateful I have such convienant access to communicate with anyone at anytime. 
I found several articles I enjoyed about cellphones. 


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