Carissa does A Desperate Experiment: CBD Oil and Music Therapy vs. Dementia

My mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia in 2008. The battle has been horrible in so many ways. Starting with watching mom lose the abilities to drive, cook and take care of her own bills and body followed by losing the comfort and privacy of her own home.

As if losing her home wasn't bad enough; finding a new one is even harder. We bounced around to a handful of facilities before finding the right one, with a fantastic memory care unit, in Ashland City TN.

Once finding her forever home was accomplished, my goal is to keep a smile on her face, laughter in her heart and pep in her step for however long she has left. Her levels of depression, appetite, aggression and loss of speech and cognitive functions have varied over the last ten years. Most recently she randomly starts kicking the wall and mumbling. After much research, and testing CBD oil on myself and chihuahua, I have decided to test CBD oil on mom.


Monday, Nov 12, 2018 nurses started adding 3 drops of Kat's Naturals "Heal," CBD Oil to mother's food a few times a day. The preferred method is under the tongue but, my mother doesn't understand the concept. Mother does understand the concept of eating chocolate pudding so it seems to be the best method for her.

Saturday, Nov 17th, 2018. My boyfriend and I went to celebrate mother's 65th birthday mid-afternoon. Mother was routinely walking the hallways. She lit up when she saw us; specifically fond of my arm-candy boyfriend. She was hyper and ready to party. We gave her a plastic margarita glass with a salted rim and filled with green Powerade, along with some of her favorite treats. She joked a lot, smiled a lot, and laughed until she cried. I asked the nurses if any had seen any aggression this week and none working this day had.

Thursday, Nov 22, 2018. I visited around 1pm. Mom was routinely walking the hallways. She was surprised to see me and gave me several hugs. I asked the nurses if they have seen any aggression lately and none working this day had. One nurse actually mentioned she had heard mom making more sense in her attempts to communicate. Mom tends to use one word or stumble her wording. It has been several years since I have heard her complete a phrase or sentences correctly. I usually finish her sentences for her due to her struggle. I walked aside mom for a while and also noticed she was communicating more clearly and seemed less confused than usual. I left at her usual nap time.

Sunday Nov 25th, 2018. Mother was routinely walking the halls and teared up a little at the sight of me. My mother has a roomate, Hazel. Hazel's daughter said today was the most she has ever heard mom talk. As we strolled hand in hand down the hallway, I noticed mom was humming and even singing along quietly to the Christmas music playing overhead.

It is now 2019. Mother's signs of anger and aggression are almost non-existent. Everyone has a bad day from time, even you. From what I have experienced the best way to fight Dementia is with a huge smile, CBD oil, favorite music, exercise (dancing), and a decent diet- prefer Mind Diet.

As a caretaker NEVER show frustration with your Dementia Patient. Speak in short clear statements. If directing them to do something only give one step at a time in order for them to process it. Don't ask many questions, it makes them feel stupid and sad. Don't scold them, just distract them into a new thought or activity.

Mother won't allow me to mess with her finger food, not so healthy diet but she does allow me to turn up the best tunes from the 1960's on my bluetooth speaker and have a daily dance party.

Note: Smiles are Free. Dancing to good tunes is also free. Try it.

PS: If you are overwhelmed with finding your loved one a new home contact They were amazing.


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