Carissa's does an Anti-Aging project.

Even if my friends are lying to me when they tell me I look young for my age, I love it and my goal is to continue to hear comments about my youthful appearance as I age. Many friends also act as though they care to know what my facial routine and products of use are; so I am making this blog for those who might be serious about wanting to know.

For starters, I am just blessed because I have never had an anti-aging plan. I have loved everything I have used. I am not a pro. This is just what products I have found best for me and my skin over the last 30 years. I did try a zillion other items and they always went to waste due to my return to the list below.
I have always drunk a lot of water. Which is said to be good for the skin.
I also take daily vitamins.

Childhood- 8th grade: Face wash= Baby shampoo/ Moisturizer= Cocoa Butter lotion

8th Grade- Age 21: Face Wash & MoisturizerProactive 3 step kit/ Still used Cocoa Butter lotion a lot (Makeup was Clinique & I also used their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion)

Age 22-30: Face Wash= Shea Baby Wash & Bare Minerals Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam/ Moisturizer= Bare Minerals Bare Haven Soft Cream with the occasional Cocoa Butter before bed.
MakeUp= Bare Minerals 

Currently trying out: 2018-2019

PreDire Paris: (ONLY could afford this because there was an awesome sale at the Mall & I had my eye on this brand. It is super pricey online. I also have a salaried job now versus being a starving dream chaser #Grateful)

What is up with this Brand? 
Well, there isn't a ton of info out there yet. If I am getting scammed, I'll let you know once I know. 

The brand has dedicated a page of their website to the science behind and around some of their ingredients including argan oil, collagen, and PEE, which is one of the ingredients that is most unique to the brand. This strain of bacteria is found in Antarctica and can actually be used as a peptide, making it an excellent addition to their range of anti-aging ingredients.

Here is what I am trying:

Peeling Gel= Intensive Rejuvenating Facial Peel (once a week)

Under eyes= Skin Tightening Wrinkle cream (once a week)

A product I think is AWESOME but I didn't buy yet: Golden Magnetic Mud Mask! 

Broke as a joke? I have been the majority of my life. Try the baby wash for your Face Wash, Cocoa Butter as the Moisturizer and this Vitamin Cream from GNC below for a makeup primer. 

You can always get rid of dark circles under your eyes temporarily with Hemorrhoid Cream. 

BTW, you already look fab. 


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