Carissa Does #RedneckTherapy

There are several definitions of Redneck and Redneck Girl. Look, I have been called a Redneck, and although I don't feel I completely fit the bill; I am not offended. Momma is from Ozark, MO. Home of Bluegrass Music and Bootlegging. So the fact I love whiskey, music and racing doesn't surprise me at all. Suppose in my case I've taken the country girl out of the country but the country is still in the girl. However, I the "city," I moved to is Nashville which equals= country music capital. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm proud. Some people call me crazy; I'm also not offended. After enough acquisitions, I felt guilty as charged and considered therapy. Ha. Who can afford therapy? Not all of us. It was on this bad day that I ran away to a nearby Lake with a bottle of Riesling & a guitar for my own kinda therapy. I ended up with a song & new wine and yes, you guessed it: I call it "Redneck Therapy." #RedneckTherapy #Music #Racing #Pontoon #Whiskey #Lake #Guitar #Wine #WhineTime #RedneckBottleOpener #Cheers #TheEnd.


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