Carissa Does Design with Deana (Toss & Turn Music City)

A former acquaintance introduced me to Deana during a music performance at The Row in Nashville. She had me from "Hello." We are similar souls in so many ways. We both have creative minds, a free spirit; and a horoscope calandar. We are both Leo's, which only Leo's understand, and for a slight gap in age; we sure have a lot in common. She was exactly what my life was missing. I spent an amazing year assisting her and learning more about her beautiful mind. I visualize product ideas, script concepts, business plans, song lyrics, theatrical performances... but I couldn't for the life of me imagine turning an empty room into a space full of character the way she does. She doesn't sketch it out for you; she just see's it. Deana tries to explain her vision but the best way to let her work is to simply trust her to do her work. I've seen her make ugly things pretty and repurpose items that were on death row & it is mind blowing. 

Toss and Turned Before & After Master Bedroom Nashville 

Toss and Turned Before and After Sun room Nashville 

Deana Slemp Dining Room Design 

Deana Slemp Dining Room Design Nashville 

Deana Slemp BackYard Toss & Turn Franklin, TN


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