Carissa Does Clogging.

"Mule kickin'... that's what we call Clogging. Mom knew what she was doing when she put her little girl in Linda Weatherspoon's dance studio. She was helping me find a fit that would pay my way through college. She said she made the decision to try dance classes while watching me dance and spin around in the outfield during a T-ball game. Most all my girlfriends were great athletes from childhood. I just didn't want to be left out. I may "Try and fail, but I don't fail to try." It was my own decision to join the Callaway Mule Kicker's Clogging Team. They had my attention since I saw them at the Callaway County Fair as a child. I absolutely love this group of people. I have probably watched this video over a thousand times. I get a "kick," out of myself every time. 😂


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