Carissa Does battle with Anger management

I can immediately tell you what not to do when dealing with a lot of loss and that is quit loving because you are afraid of, or sick of, the horrid feeling of losing someone or something you loved. I did that and regret it. Again, tell the thought in your mind to shut up= You should not live what short life you have avoiding potential loss.

Did you lose a parent? I did
Did you lose a grandparent? I did
Did you lose your dog children back to back at Christmas? I did

Now, there are others who have lost children, spouses, you name it. We may not all have the exact loss in common but loss comes with the same sick, gut wrenching, I don't know if I can or want to go on feeling.

Here is how I coped with my first major loss in 2006:
Got angry and shut off the world because no-one could relate to me.
Threw and destroyed a lot of nice things I liked which made me even more mad afterwards.
Felt sorry for myself.
Ran away from everyone I loved in a desperate attempt to have some big adventure before I died.
Went to 3 therapy sessions, decided they were dumb and quit.
Lost all patience for anything.
Hid all photo memories.
Spent my savings on chasing my dreams.
Went numb.

Here is what I recommend in afterthought:
Invite friends over and allow yourself to cry and talk. I bet you have a friend who has felt loss and can relate to the feeling.
Don't feel sorry for yourself long; you aren't the only person who has to deal with loss and although this is really BAD, there is a good chance someone somewhere has it worse.
Find a weekly release for your anger (boxing class, ax throwing, goodwill plate throwing).
Remember we all die; not just the someone you lost.
Prepare for your own passing so no-one else has too.
Don't hide all photos, keep the awesome memories alive.
Hug the ones you love harder and more often.
Vacation and take adventures with the ones you love. I recommend at least gifting this to yourself once a year.
Give therapy a real chance.
Make sure you set aside hard earned money to actually LIVE, chase your dreams, etc but attempt to budget so you don't get your car repossessed.
Let your emotions flow freely to avoid going numb. You ain't crazy.

The more positive you can stay about it all, the more positive your future will feel and the quicker you feel ok. Isn't that what the person or pet would want?


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