Carissa does her own funeral planning at thirty.

Planning a funeral is morbid and uncomfortable. The only thing that could make planning a funeral worse is doing so while in sheer pain, shock, snot and sobs directly after learning our loved one has died and needs a funeral planned. No one should have to make decisions on how to handle the end of your life except, you. Why not just make planning your own funeral part of life while you are still young and able to make it fun plus eliminate dumping the dreaded task on your loved ones later in life?

Throw a planning party alone or with friends and family, or consider taking a much-deserved vacation and do the planning on a beach or in a happy place where you embrace being alive! Make your end of life celebration what you want it to be, plus your loved ones will appreciate it, I promise. I am going to start this tradition... I am calling them "Till Death Do Us Parties." When they become a thing you can say, "O, I know the girl who came up with that tradition."

Making your end of life celebration plans can be as simple as creating a diary entry, excel sheet or phone note with your ideas and details. Of course, you will want to ensure someone knows they exist if and when the time comes. Some, like myself, like to go all out on just about everything. I flew to a beach via @GettinOuttaHereTravel and while feeling alive and at my best, sipping a mojito, on the beach in a hammock I found where I planned a solid funeral and can even pre-pay for it! I will be the first to admit, I had fun thinking about and planning my own funeral. 

Death is inevitable. People are finding all kinds of new reasons to celebrate. From divorce parties to funeral planning parties, live it up and celebrate as much as you can! 


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