Carissa Does Music. Meet the Band 2016

Another year kicks off and you can bet I'll be hunting stages to sing on. After releasing an EP produced by Pat Holt in 2015; next step is to make an album! Thanks be to God who led Dustin Hough at Larry Rogers Studio 19 to take an interest in our band while listening to some practices. Dustin offered to produce the 10 song original album and we will start in Feb! Can't wait. . . How'd I meet Dustin? Funny you ask. It's hard to have a band practice in your tiny, barely affordable apartment here in Nashville. Neighbors don't always appreciate it. Therefore, I needed a practice space. There are several options of storage unit type buildings here that your band can rent by the hour; but even they are rather pricey. Somehow & someway I found out about Studio 19 in Midtown might offer their space for practices. I called and Dustin answered. We started practicing there which led to making scratch demos there. Sadly, the historic studio space was torn down in order to accommodate the New Nashville but it moved to the Sound Kitchen in Franklin. That's where I will call my 2nd home in 2016. The end. 
The original Studio 19 in Midtown Nashville 
Recording a demo to my original "Runnin On Empty," at the original Studio 19

The 2016 Bandies (Rick Brady, Evan Rogers & Logan Ramp) at the Historic Studio 19 

Dustin Hough & I at the original Studio 19 Nashville 


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